Make the most of your licenses, accredidations, and experience by joining CRE Collaborative today!

The Department of Consumer Protection Requires that licensed real estate brokerage entities, individuals and licensees and managing brokers, actively / or passively engaged in real estate transactions. Must maintain their licenses, continuing ed requirements, as well as additional state or local fees.

Whether you are fully engaged in professional real estate looking to do deals across multiple markets with access to more effective, and cutting edge tools, at reduced costs, and unlimited support or you are not looking for a full-time real estate career, but want to enjoy the benefits of an active license please contact us.

*Generous splits on referral fees and or commission sharing based on level of contribution for every deal

Requirements : 

You obtained your license for employment growth potential
You obtained your license for personal investment purposes
You are no longer in a license-required position and need a new sponsor

Holding company licensees no longer have to pay national, state or local dues

No minimum production requirement